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Aging care (ceramide) Whitening care

Ceramaide is lost from our skin day by day.
Secret of skin anti-aging care is to supply moisturizing component to your skin
on a daily basis. So supply a lot of Ceramide through your daily skin care and
moisturize your skin to make it look rich and healthy.

Tips to select Ceramide products

Ceramide is largely categorized into 3 types, Human-type, non-Human-type, and Quasi Ceramide”
Human-type Ceramides has the highest moisturizing effect and they are indicated by 1, 2, 3 numbering or suffixed with alphabets after the name Ceramide.

Moisturizing skin care product with 2 types of valuable Human-type Ceramide

・Duplair W Ceramide lotion has luxuriously contained triple Collagen, Placenta, and 8 natural moisturizing ingredients.

・W Ceramide + Horse Fat cream further contains high concentration of Horse Fat, triple Collagen, and 10 natural moisturizing ingredients.

Just like cleansing your skin with a rich beauty serum which contains high value Human-type Ceramide and Collagen.

・Duplair cleansing gel is a skin friendly, ultra moisturizing type makeup remover. No need for two step cleansing, and it also cleanse well on eyelash extensions.