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Aging care (ceramide) Whitening care

Unconscious exposure to UV would damage stratum corneum and deteriorate its
moisturizing ability. It will eventually accelerate your skin aging.
Your daily care that will prevent such damages and create transparent
white skin glowing from inside. It is a big mistake to believe that
whitening skin care during summer is good enough.
Taking care of your skin all year round is crucial!

Let’s effectively absorb active whitening components.

Placenta extract will suppress the melanin formation and prevent occurrence of blotch and freckle caused by sunburn.
Dipotassium Glysyrrhizinate has, in addition to the whitening effect, the ability to keep the skin healthy by preventing the skin to go rough.

Whitening care by the use of plentiful active ingredients.

In addition to these 2 active ingredients, Duplair medical whitening lotion is added by the tripple Collagen and Placenta.
Based on the concept to offer high quality product at reasonable price, the content is as large as 500ml.
Apply luxuriously every day all over the face and body and achieve the glowing white skin.